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9 mai 2008 5 09 /05 /mai /2008 21:29
...and I wish I could show you some pictures, but I really really don't have any time to waste looking for a nice spot and good light etc... Anyway you'll all have to come and see how splendid les 6 Reines has become once we're open (le 30 mai donc hein).
But I do want to tell you about Martine of ML productions.
I first met her at the beaubeau-market. I adored her work & we talked for a while. At the time it seemed to me as if she was a little reluctant towards les 6 Reines. She knows Ellezelles very well (even better than I do, since she spent most of her childhood over here) and I had the impression she thought my plans where... euhm... quite reckless.

Het is effectief een niet voor de handliggend project voor azo een landelijke omgeving, maar bon...dienen strijd was al gestreden dacht ik.

Mais bon voilà, I'm so nuts about her stuff that I recontacted her and we finally met again today...and wow and wauw, what a woman. She is so nice, I had the impression we could chitchat for weeks. And again I realised that I am so strangely programmed, I project my own fears/thoughts, stuff I am not ready/willing to see, on someone else and... well and...

In the meantime the question occured to us if it wouldn't be better for everyone and every possible thing that I would stop all other activities and concentrate entirely on les 6 Reines.
Which would mean stop teaching.Hurrah?
I know I have been complaining about that job for a long time and I've been annoying Arne endlessly, telling him how much happier I would be, staying at home sewing, knitting, 6 Reining etc...
But now that he comes up with the idea of me working full-time for our business, I get nervous.
The idea of cleaning that kitchen over and over again, not earning money that is clearly my own, is getting on my old feminist's nerves. Or rather,it tickles mon esprit Virginia Woolf, which is not bad at all.
Ladies, stay awake!!

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